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Khawab Saraye Hum tv Last Episode 38 – 26 September 2016

Khawab Saraye Hum tv -Last Episode 38 – 26 Sep 2016.Khwab Saraye (Urdu: خواب سراۓ‎) (previously titled Hosla (Urdu: حوصلہ‎ ; lit: Morale) is a Pakistani drama serial that first aired on Hum TV on 17 May 2016. It is produced by Momina Duraid under her company MD Productions. It stars Muneeb Butt, Aiman Khan, Behroze Sabzwari, Khalid Anam.

Story:: Khawab Saraye 

It is a story of Abrar Khan (Rasheed Naz) who belongs to a rich family. He has two sons, namely Waqar (Khaled Anam) & Sajjad (Aijaz Aslam) and a daughter Farhat, who is left over by marrying Waheed(Nauman Masood), her father’s choice. Waqar is married to Bilquis (Saman Ansari), and has a son, Faizan(Muneeb Butt). Sajjad is not married yet. Waheed is solely interested in Farhat for her money, which drives her to depression. Sajjad helps her by employing Sania(Sonia Mishal), the niece of Jameel(Said Shah). After her father’s death, Sania and her mother live with Jameel, Aunt Zarina (Farah Nadeem) and her cousin Lubna. Lubna is a metric pass girl who is not interested in studies. Zarina makes Sania the maid of her home on the suggestion of Lubna. Jameel is a shopkeeper and cannot afford more to others but tries his best to take care of Aapa & Sania. Sania wanted to continue her studies but is unable to, so she tries to find another job. She then meets Sajjad who employs her to look after Farhat. During this time, Sajjad and Sania’s relationship begins to grow. Abrar & his friend meet a hotel’s waiter, Baqir (Behroze Sabzwari). Baqir is married to Salma (Farah Shah) and has a daughter, Naina (Aiman Khan). Faizan and Naina are actually class fellows and they rapidly fall in love with each other. But Bilquis sees another girl for Faizan which he refuses. Abrar refuses his marriage with Naina because her father is a waiter of a hotel. Naina’s parents also do not accept but eventaully accept in pressure. Faizan and Naina marry in front of Naina’s parents, despite Abrar’s refusal.


Khawab Saraye Hum tv Last Episode 38

Faizan and his parents find out and decide to cut Faizan out of the family, including blocking his access to his bank account. Faizan and Naina now must find a way to live on their own despite these challenges. Jameel dies of tuberculosis, which gives attack to Badi Aapa.Waheed likes Sania. Zarina keeps forcing Sania to marry Waheed. Farhat & Abrar prevent Sajjad from marrying anyone except Shireen (Zainab Jameel), who is employee and later president of office where Sania works. She behaves strictly that she had always dreamed of marrying with Sajjad. Faizan and Naina now have a daughter. Faizan leaves Naina and his daughter as he could not afford them. Naina goes to her father’s house along with her daughter. Sajjad has condition of marrying Shereen if Faizan returns home. Later, Abrar tells Sania that her father Ansar was his younger brother. Sania later marries Sajjad.

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