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Live PTI Islamabad Dharna (Strike) 2016 Video Latest News Updates

Live PTI Islamabad Dharna (Strike) 2016 Video Latest News Updates.Islamabad – The Islamabad High Court will resume hearing of the petitions moved today (Monday) against protest sit-in of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf in Islamabad on November 2.

A single bench of IHC comprising Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui will conduct hearing of the petitions in which he had already barred PTI from locking down Islamabad during its protest sit-in on November 2.

The court had also directed chairman PTI to appear before the court and explain that which law allows him to make statements regarding blocking of the city.
In this matter, four petitioners, including Raja Maqsood Hussain Advocate, Tasleem Abbasi Advocate, Faiz Ahmed Cheema Advocate and Mohib Ullah Advocate, had moved the court seeking its orders to restrain PTI from holding sit-in on November 2 and seeking directions for PEMRA not to telecast Imran Khan’s speeches, interviews as he is still at large and did not surrender himself before the court of law that is seeking his arrest.

In their petition, they cited federal government through Ministry of Interior, Chairman Pakistan Electronic Media Electronic Regulatory Authority (PEMRA), Inspector General (IG) Islamabad police and Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) as respondents.

The petitioners contended before the court in their petitions that hurling threats to lockdown the city attracts provision of anti-terrorism act (ATA) and provision of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC).

They argued that they have learnt through media that Chairman PTI has hurled open and desperate threats in furtherance of his nefarious designs to lockdown the whole city as nobody could move or enter in the city through use of force for an indefinite period.we Hope You Will like This Post.Stay Tuned with us and keep visiting www.fancystream.pk For Latest news Updates.


They added that being lawyers, petitioners consider that such an act attracts section 6(1) (b) of the ATA 1997 beside other provisions of PPC.
If Chairman PTI may not be restrained by the federal government institutions, there will be a chaotic situation and law and order would be at perils while complete lockdown of the city would badly affect work of the petitioners as they practice in both Rawalpindi and Islamabad cities.

The petitioners adopted that Chairman PTI is nominated in the serious cases of attacking Parliament, Pakistan Television building and officer appointed on duties during 2014 Dharna protest.
Imran Khan does not believe in rule of law and having known history of taking law into his own hands which is evident from his conduct in above mentioned cases.
Further, he never surrendered himself before a court of law or any agency and still at large due to collaboration of IG Islamabad and others.

Therefore, the petitioners requested the court that the proposed act of Chairman PTI may be declared as illegal, unconstitutional within the preview of ATA and other PPC provisions.

They further prayed to the court that federal government may be directed to ensure free and smooth movement of the citizens.
Chairman PTI may be apprehended as he is already wanted by the anti-terrorism court (ATC) and NAP may be implemented avoiding Imran Khan’s speeches and interviews to be telecasted on media.

 Published in The Nation newspaper on 31-Oct-2016


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