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Watch Raiwind Ijtima Maulana Tariq Jameel Bayan 2016 Live

Maulana Tariq Jameel will deliver bayan on November 2016 at Raiwind Ijtima. Listen Live Streaming, Watch Raiwand ijtema 2016 Live Watch Raiwand ijtema 2016 raiwind ijtima 5 nov 2016 Raiwind Tablighi ijtima Part November 2016 Raiwind Tableeghi.

Raiwand ijtema 2016 Live Streaming.Watch Online Raiwand ijtema 2016 Live Streaming. Raiwind Markaz is a building Complex, consisting the main Mosque, Islamic Madrassa and residential areas) located in the neighborhood of Raiwind city, near Lahore, Pakistan and is the home of the religious movement Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan.

It is hosted in the Ijitimah Gah near to the Markaz (5 km from Markaz). It is among the biggest gathering of Muslims in Pakistan in a single location. Raiwind gathering is said to be the biggest Sunni Muslim gathering after Hajj. More than 2 million Muslims from Pakistan and all over the world come to this place, which is planned and managed by the Raiwind Markaz. Because of large number of people participating it is divided now into Four parts,each year two parts and remaining two parts next year will be held, each part lasting three days, and on the last day Special Prayer is held. There is no restriction for foreigners to come to any part of the Raiwind Markaz Ijtima. Special Islamic Scholars of different countries are invited on these days.we Hope You Will Like This Post.Stay Tuned With us And Keep Visiting www.fancystream.pk For More latest Updates.


Raiwind ijtema 2016 bayans
3rd Nov 2016
After Asar : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Naz ur Rehman sahab
After MAgrib : Maulana Ibrahim Sahab
4th Nov 2016:
After Fajar : Muhtram Haji Abdul Wahab Sahab
After Juma : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Tariq jameel sahab
After Asar : Maulana Yaqoob sahab
After Magrib : Maulana Ahmed Laat Sahab
5th Nov 2016
After Fajar : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Abdul Rehman sahab
After Zohar : Bhai Farooq sahab
After Asar : Maulana Zuhair ul hasan sahab
After Magrib : Maulana Ibrahim Sahab
6th Nov 2016
Hidaayaat : Ustad e Muhtram Maulana Khursheed sahab
Dua : Muhtram Haji Abdul wahab sahab

Raiwind Tablighi Ijtema: First part will start from 3rd November 2016, 4:00 PM evening and DUA will be held Sunday, 6th Nov 2016 after fajar prayer Second part will start 10th Nov 2016, 4:00PM evening and DUA will be held Sunday, 13th Nov 2016 after fajar prayer.



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