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WWE SmackDown 9/13/16 Online 13th September 2016 Video

SmackDown! was first seen on April 29, 1999 as a single television special on UPN. On August 26, 1999, SmackDown!officially started on UPN, in Kansas City, Missouri. Like WCW Thunder, SmackDown! was recorded on Tuesdays and then broadcast on Thursdays. The new WWF show was so popular that WCW moved Thunder to Wednesdays in the hope of holding on to fans rather than losing them to WWF. SmackDown!, like Thunder, made heavy use of the color blue, earning it the nickname “The Blue Show” amongst wrestling fans.


The first SmackDown! set was different as it had an oval-shaped TitanTron (which was dubbed the “OvalTron”), entrance and stage which made it stand out from the RAW set and its rectangular TitanTrons. An added feature to the first set was the ability for the OvalTron to be moved to either the left or right of the stage. Throughout the show’s early existence, top WWF superstar The Rockroutinely called SmackDown! “his” show, in reference to the fact that the name was derived from one of his catchphrases, “Laying the smackdown.” In August 2001, as part of celebrating SmackDown!’s second anniversary, the show got a new logo and set. The last SmackDown! to use the previous television set saw Alliancemember Rhyno Gore WWF member Chris Jericho through the center screen, destroying part of the set.


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